Restaurants and cafes Jahorina

The best restaurants, pizzerias, bars, night clubs, discotheques, sun-drinks on Jahorina will complete your stay at the Olympic Jahorina with their offer and catering servants. In addition to the pleasant ambience, we offer you selected best culinary specialties with carefully selected traditional culinary elements from these areas. When it comes to food in Jahorina there are plenty of warm and peaceful ethno restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine – prosciutto, sausages, spring, cheese, kajmak and local specialties. The night spent on Jahorina is great for the young, because there are a couple of good night clubs on Jahorina so you can enjoy the party by the morning, and for those few more traditional there are taverns and chalets. Everything is close to each other so it will not be difficult for you to change location. Who wants to rest, sunbathe, heat, drink or eat something or use a toilet during skiing, can do it in one of the 12 ski cafes that are located next to the Jahorina trails themselves. Quality offer for all tastes and occasions.